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Exclusive night time bow fishing under 100000 lumens of light & Your exclusive ice spearfishing headquarters.

Night Fishing Adventures


It would be extremely difficult to find an ice fisherman more knowledgeable and more passionate about night fishing monster Rainbows and Walleye than Captain Brady. 18 years of testing gear and tackle has lead to a set up that one would have to see to believe. With the flip of a switch, the Aluma-Lite fish house lights up the ice with over 100,000 lumens of LED light that give anglers multiple opportunities for hook sets into massive Walleye and trophy Rainbows. It is the most exciting fishing adventure ice anglers might ever experience. SFA offers this amazingly popular trip beginning in late December thru the end of March. Hurry up and book your trip today! Ice fishing is a very popular and safe winter activity. All ice fishing adventures take place on ice that has a average thickness of 15-20”. Call Captain Brady today to secure your spot on the most incredible trip of a lifetime!

EXCLUSIVE NIGHT ICEFISHING ADVENTURE RATES(After 4 people, $50 per additional angler)
4 Hours of fishing action
2 people $425
3 people $500
4 people $575


4 Hours of fishing action
2 people $500
3 people $575
4 people $650

I would be willing to bet that the guided night fishing adventure would be the highlight of your vacation. This is the trip that will be talked about for years to come. We will meet at the main dock located in front of the marina store at Stagecoach at 5:45pm. A nice evening cruise around the lake while trolling for sunset Walleye will be one of the most peaceful experiences of the summer. Rarely is there a time that we are unable to locate the large resident herd of elk that feeds on the southern facing shores of the Reservoir. As the sun disappears to our west and darkness falls upon us, a couple of switches on board the 2016 Carrie Ann are flipped on, and its her time to shine! 150,000 lumens of light located underneath the vessel project different colors of light that attract thousands of bait fish to the boat. It is underneath the balls of bait that our late night lunkers come in to feed. Massive Walleye and trophy Trout are shown on our electronics as the angler is given multiple opportunities to hook a fish of a lifetime. 10-15 fish nights are common. At times the action becomes almost impossible to pull away from, therefore there is always the possibility to add more time to the trip. This changes the game in the world of fishing. No where else have I seen so many trophy fish landed in one outing….It is truly amazing!