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Exclusive night time bow fishing under 100000 lumens of light & Your exclusive ice spearfishing headquarters.

Ice Fishing Adventures

The days when ice fishing trips consisted of hiking 10 miles uphill both ways through 4 feet of snow are over. When you hear the SFA crew is out on the ice, I assure you, they are not sitting on 5 gallon buckets atop 1 inch of ice, with an old sweatshirt hood pulled over their heads. Today’s technology has reshaped the sport and given Ice fisherman and women the safety and comfort on the ice like that of being in your living room in our warm hut. The day will be spent inside one of our custom Aluma-Lite fish houses. Inside you will experience non-stop fishing action, while using the most advanced electronics available today. Vexilar sonar and Hummingbird fish finding electronics show us the exact depth of the fish. A 32” flat screen TV displays a crystal clear video captured by our under water AquaVU cameras equipped with LED and infrared technology. When the action gets hot along with the temperature inside, we can simply adjust the digital thermostat controlling the 15k BTU heat source. SFA adventures offer these one of a kind adventures from late December through the end of March. Other sports and activities you will see taking place on the ice are dogsledding, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, snowmobiling and fat bike racing.


It would be extremely difficult to find an ice fisherman more knowledgeable and more passionate about night fishing monster Rainbows and Walleye than Captain Brady. 18 years of testing gear and tackle has lead to a set up that one would have to see to believe. With the flip of a switch, the Aluma-Lite fish house lights up the ice with over 100,000 lumens of LED light that give anglers multiple opportunities for hook sets into massive Walleye and trophy Rainbows. It is the most exciting fishing adventure ice anglers might ever experience. SFA offers this amazingly popular trip beginning in late December thru the end of March. Hurry up and book your trip today! Ice fishing is a very popular and safe winter activity. All ice fishing adventures take place on ice that has a average thickness of 15-20”. Call Captain Brady today to secure your spot on the most incredible trip of a lifetime!


3 Hr Trip (5pm)
  • 2 anglers
  • 3 anglers
  • 4 anglers

Click Here to learn more about night fishing.

3 Hr Trips (9am & 1pm)
  • 1 anglers
  • 2 anglers
  • 3 anglers
  • 4 anglers
3 Hr Trips (9am & 2pm)
  • 1 anglers
  • 2 anglers
  • 3 anglers
  • 4 anglers


  • Valid Colorado fishing license (16 and older). Note that you can purchase a Colorado fishing license online or at Colorado Parks & Wildlife, walmart or Elk River Guns.
  • Lunch and any additional snacks you may want
  • Camera-We will have an extra on board along with the option of catching the action via video on multiple Go-Pro units located in the ice house.
  • Sunscreen-preferred 50 SPF
  • Sunglasses for day trips and proper warm clothing for various weather conditions.
  • Winter gloves, hat, pants and jacket, insulated waterproof boots (dress as if you were going skiing for the day)
  • Cooler for transporting fish home


Safety is key so if you, or a member of your fishing party, has a known allergy we ask that you bring anything that you would use/need in case of an emergency including emergency contact phone numbers.

***We ask that a $50 deposit is given at the time of making the reservation. The deposit will be credited towards the price of the trip before departure.


Not included. If you feel he/she earned a little extra, the guide would very happily accept. Any bit would be helpful to chip away at our massive debt owed to Cabelas.