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Captain & Crew


Hooksetter, Deckswabber, Man with the keys and the notes on the boats -Brady Wettlaufer spent his childhood and teenage years on the beaches of southern California. Summer trips to the family cabin in Northern Minnesota are where his uncle and grandfather taught him to fish. His relentless pursuit of the ultimate fishing adventure lead to many fly in drop trips deep within the backcountry lakes of Canada, where unsuspecting Muskie and illusive Walleye made their way into his photo album. Massive Brim and Barramundi in the remote region of Cairns, Australia were left with new lip piercings as the young fisherman made his way down the coast. While earning his business degree at Western State College in Gunnison, Colorado his parents were lead to believe his free time was spent in study groups at the library. The long harsh winters that brought negative temperatures to the valley also brought many students inside to seek shelter from the cold. It was during those record setting winters that Brady would hand auger his way thru 30 inches of ice, pulling through beautiful Kokonee Salmon, German Browns and the highly sought after monster Lake Trout. To his own surprise he graduated 5 years later with his degree in one hand and two first place ice fishing tournament winnings in the other. Time passed, and more amazing stories of adventure, combined with a touch of exaggeration kept his stories going. Roostertail and Jacks in Baja, Dorado on the fly in sayulita, long range tuna off the coast of California, spawning Silvers and Koho Salmon caught far up the Kenai river in the Alaskan wilderness. One of his biggest fish to date recently took place on a long range off-shore trip near the coast of Kodiak Island in the waters of Alaska. At 3am while the entire boat slept, Brady set the hook on a mature Halibut and battled the monster until she rose to the surface along with the morning sun.

ERIK "Wheels" TOTTEN - SFA Fly Guide Pro

Eric’s fishing story began much like that of the Captains. Just 10 years later, and one state over sat a young man with his Grandpa on the banks of the great lakes in Wisconsin. It was there beside his grandpa where the secrets of success and the basic principals and strategies that define world of fishing were passed down to the next generation. Along with the knowledge handed down were stories from the past of monster Northern Pike exploding thru the calm morning waters to inhale 8 inch rapalas, ensuing battles that the aggressive and powerful fish almost always won. The curiosity and desire to apply his newfound skills on the water started that day. 20+ years later you can find Erik putting up 28 inch Walleye on his fly rod then jumping a few holes over and landing some of the biggest Rainbows Colorado has to offer.

Almost all fisherman would agree when Erik says the reason he fishes as much as he does is because of the peace he feels when on the water. Fishing to Eric is a mental form of relaxation that he gathers and carries throughout his days. The easy going 27 year old is wise beyond his years and his fishing resume can prove it! Whipping flies off the bow of the boat on the custom casting platform is where we watched him shine. A consistent catch and release of 5 20+ inch Rainbows in the middle of July was beyond impressive. As the temperatures dropped and the hard water ice fishing season began, we watched as his unique and creative approach resulted in back to back monster Trout resting on the ice beside his hole. His persistence on targeting our local Walleye population paid off this spring when he landed the biggest walleye known from the Stagecoach Reservoir.


Like many great anglers, Lily Tierney discovered her love for fishing at a very young age. The Colorado native who was raised in the small mountain town of Aspen could not be kept inside. Overwhelming feelings of curiosity combined with a newly acquired fly rod lead the adventurous angler up and down the tiny forest streams where she found beautiful brookies and peace outdoors. She followed her heart along with the creek that lead her down to the rivers and out to the sea. Along the way she leaned how to sting the lips of high country Cutthroats while backpacking the rugged wilderness of the west. Her ability to guide a crew by raft on a month long adventure thru the Grand Canyon added pages to an already impressive resume and was admired by many.

When she isn’t off the coast of Aruba fighting monster Sailfish, you can find Lily on the local waters of Steamboat guiding clients towards fish and a love for life outdoors.


David Rossow (Airwolf) fishing photographer/videographer and drone pilot. This 23 year old has spent his time after college traveling around the U.S., Canada, and Mexico filming with Fishing Hall of Fame photographer Bill Lindner. Shooting everything from commercials, product photos, to fishing TV shows for Linder Media Productions. Working with some of the top fishing companies in the industry. This got him into fishing fast and hard! Filming with some of the best in the world and also catching fish others dream of. Living out of his camper, he always wanted to live in the mountains, so he moved to steamboat for the fishing and snow. Two favorite trips: Fly in lake out of Nester Falls Ontario, Sunset Country, to kay lake to film the premier video for Old Town kayaks and catching his first Muskie! Next a trip of a life time to Anglers Inn International Lake el Salto in Mexico! Filming for the resort and St. Croix rods. Also catching HUGE bass! This guy is filled this Determination, kayaking 2,320 mies down the Mississippi and catching catfish and huge carp along the way. That determination stays with him as he guides you to catching your next Colorado Lunker!